Yiddish Summer Weimar 2015, 15th Anniversary!

"Yidishkayt Revisited"

We're delighted to announce the program for the 15th anniversary of Yiddish Summer in 2015!

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Following two eye- and heart-opening years exploring the connections between Yiddish and German traditional cultures ("Ashkenaz" in 2011 & 2012) and two intense and amazing years exploring New Yiddish Music (2013 & 2014), we're ready to delve into the roots of Yiddish expressivity. The focus of Yiddish Summer 2015 will be "Yidishkayt Revisited" – traditional Yiddish music and culture. Once again we've put together an incredible team of teachers and artists-in-residence. Some highlights of YSW15 are the return of Ethel Raim in the Song Workshop, Zev Feldman in the Advanced Dance Workshop, Joel Rubin and Deborah Strauss in the Instrumental Workshop, and Jeff Warschauer with Deborah Strauss for an Introduction to Klezmer & Yiddish Music Workshop. We also welcome for the first time Polina Shepherd for a special, two-day choral workshop during the Festival Week. We will again offer Levels 1-3 in Yiddish Language, the Children's Songs Workshop, the Dance Orchestra and other favorites.

Yiddish Language (Levels 1-3)
1: JUL 19-25 /// 2: JUL 27-AUG 2 /// 3: AUG 3-9

Yiddish Song JUL 19 - 25
with Ethel Raim, Josh Waletzky

Introduction to Klezmer & Yiddish Song JUL 27 - AUG 1
with Deborah Strauss, Jeff Warschauer

Yiddish Dance Orchestra JUL 27 - AUG 1
with Ilya Shneyveys, Alan Bern

Yiddish Dance JUL 28 - AUG 1
with Zev Feldman, Steve Weintraub

Traditional Klezmer AUG 3-9
with Joel Rubin, Alan Bern, Deborah Strauss, Ilya Shneyveys

Yiddish Children's Songs AUG 3-8
with Diana Matut, Andreas Schmitges

Yiddish Choir AUG 15-16
with Polina Shepherd



The Festival Week was a huge success in 2014, and we're planning the 2015 version now. The day program will include sing-alongs, jam sessions, meet-the-artist, dance sessions, films, storytelling, Yiddish cooking and more. In the evening concert series we'll be presenting the Joel Rubin Klezmer Ensemble with Kalman Balogh, the great young band from Lublin "Caci Vorba" featuring the incredible vocalist/violinist Maria Natanson, Alexey Rozov's Retro Band, and other great international projects.

So whether you're a regular or a newcomer to Yiddish Summer, we hope you'll join us in 2015 and look forward to celebrating our 15th annivesary with you.

Updated infos and registration on this website starting in February 2015!

*provisional, please refer to this website for updates

photos: Felikss Livschits, Tobaron Waxman